Employee well-being: Top 10 ways to kick start 2021

We’re off again, and before we start, this is so much more than another “top ten ways to start the new year” blog! Promise! To be honest, 2021 is here and so far, there’s not been a great deal to get excited about. However, all is not lost, because if you’re open to considering new personal and work targets for both you and your team to increase employee well-being, then keep reading because this blog is absolutely for you. 

Our helpful tips are designed so that you cannot only improve your work and home life during the next few Covid-19 challenging months, but increase employee well-being within your team. 

Really, it’s not as bleak as you might think…


1)   Set targets 

If you don’t know where you want to be, how do you fathom getting there? Setting work and personal goals might not be something that comes naturally to you. Aim high and set mini targets along the way. Tick them off as you go and enjoy the sense of fulfilment along the journey. 


2) Thank staff 

If you’re a line manager, check-in regularly with those that work for you. If you don’t have a direct report, but work alongside people, thank them. Colleague appreciation is something we can all improve on – and when you do say thanks, it might just make you smile too.


3) Set weekly rewards

This is something that should definitely be introduced if it hasn’t already. If it isn’t your decision – mention it to the powers that be. Don’t forget, virtual awards and things like gift cards and e-Gifts, can be presented remotely and electronically. 


4) Exercise during breaks 

If you make one plan this year, make sure it involves time for you and in particular, exercise. Forget the latest crazes if they don’t float your boat. 

Take a walk around your back garden or nearest field – it all counts. It’s important to get the heart rate up and that doesn’t mean you need to strive to be the next Joe Wicks. 

Be kind to yourself and try to exercise for 30 minutes. You could even split that into two 15 minute slots, or three ten minute sessions. 


5) Develop new skills 

It may be that you are working from home. If you are, use the time wisely to extend your skills. Take the time you’d usually use to commute to and from the office, by enrolling on an online course. There’s plenty. Better still, do it online with a friend.


6) Keep an eye on the future

Not just your future, but the company you work for. Are they still meeting your work related goals? There’s nothing wrong with this, and you shouldn’t be worried about asking the person responsible in HR what the plans are for the next 12 months. If you lead a team, consider how monitoring employee well-being amongst staff will contribute to successes over the next 12 months.


7) Be flexible 

Working from home may mean you start earlier and/or work later. If that’s the case, make sure you plan your breaks and communicate your new flexibility to colleagues and the team. Flexibility is great – but ensure you’re still hitting professional targets and are making it work for you. 


8) Make new friends

Just because you aren’t in the office, you can still communicate with other people. Check-in with colleagues you might not usually talk with via your desktop, through messaging or video call. You never know, they might just need that little pick-me-up.


9) Break from social media 

Especially relevant if you are spending vast amounts of time working from home in front of a screen. 

Breaking from that and looking at your phone isn’t always beneficial. Your work phone might also be your personal phone which means you are on your device for most of the day. 

Try to put your phone to one side if you are having lunch, or breaking for exercise. 


10) Do something that makes YOU happy

Listen to more music. Start a podcast. Try a new activity. Whatever it is, remember that the best kind of care is self-care. Once you’ve found your “thing”, introduce it to your lifestyle as often as possible. 


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