Free school meals for schools, made easier…

According to the BBC, roughly 1.4 million children in England claimed for free school meals in January 2020. Earlier this month, the Government reversed its decision not to offer free school meals during the Christmas holidays. Following a campaign by Manchester United and England footballer Marcus Rashford, the Government has now pledged to give £170m to local authorities. During the Christmas holidays, the money will be used to provide children with food, while schools continue to provide meals during term time.

Here at Asda, we want to support schools by helping them to ensure that free school meals go to the families that need them. Asda e-gift cards are available to order by schools and local councils and are deliverable directly to families. Starting Monday 2nd November 2020 until Monday 12th April 2021, we’re offering our biggest discount to help budgets stretch further to support more children.

Why choose Asda for free school meals?

  • More affordable – We want to help families save money and live better. So, it makes sense for families to get greater value from free school meal vouchers.
  • More discount – Our biggest discount of 4% is available to you on any order value* when you buy free school meal vouchers.
  • More direct – Asda e-gift cards can be sent straight to families via email. Simple.
  • More convenient – Asda e-gift cards are compatible with Apple and Google mobile wallets. Parents and guardians can also redeem online and at over 600 locations nationwide.

Register here, it’s quick and easy. Placing and tracking orders is simple and cost effective, continuing the ASDA value the UK knows and trusts. It’s that same Asda value which families up and down the UK have known for years. With an Asda gift card or e-gift card, the difference mums, dads and guardians everywhere feel in their pockets and, more importantly, on the table is a huge help.

If you’re not the person who arranges free school meals vouchers for your organisation – why not let the person who does, know today! If you’d like further information about how we can help you, help them with support for free school meals for schools, get in touch with a member of our team.

* Discount is available from Monday 2nd November 2020 – Monday 12th April 2021 23:59