Asda gift cards for supporting communities, schools and charities


How do Asda gift 
vouchers support local communities?

Asda gift cards have a purpose beyond staff incentives –  benefitting schools, higher education institutions, and local communities.

Local organisations are making a real difference 
using Asda vouchers to help individuals and families. 
They can provide essential resources and foster 
a strong sense of support from community and education leaders.

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How can Asda gift vouchers help?

If you are part of a school or working in local communities, gift vouchers are a great way to give a helping hand. 
Asda gift cards are flexible and versatile and let them choose what they need.

School supplies

Asda offers a variety of school supplies, including stationery, art materials, and classroom essentials. 
Gift vouchers given by schools could be used to equip students in need of education essentials.


Healthy meals and snacks

An Asda gift card can be used to provide a healthy and nutritious packed lunch. Ideal for free school meal vouchers, an Asda gift card can be used to support the costs of packed lunches for students and families.


Uniforms and clothing

At Asda, we are proud to support families and students with our excellent range of school uniforms and clothing. Gift vouchers are the perfect way to help families stock up on school uniform essentials at great value.


Asda vouchers as achievement incentives for educational bodies

​​Asda gift cards are great incentives for colleges and universities to encourage students to meet attainment goals, consistent attendance 
or outstanding achievement. These kinds of rewards can drive students to form habits that will be useful throughout their lives.

Why choose Asda gift cards?

  • Quick and easy to order physical or e-gift cards
  • Huge choice for the recipient
  • A brand they know and trust
  • Give anything from £1 to £1,000
  • Discounts available on bulk orders – the 
more you buy the more you save
  • Quick delivery either to you or direct to them
  • Available in a diverse range of designs and colours to 
suit every preference and occasion
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How can organisations get involved?

Get in touch today to find out about Asda gift cards, and how gift vouchers for schools and colleges could help your organisation.

Use the discount calculator below to see how much you could save.


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The more you spend on gift cards or e-gift cards, the bigger the discount. Simply enter your gift card budget in the table below and find out how much you’ll save.

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£1k - £10,000 2.5%
£10,000 + 4%

If order exceeds £1m, please contact us by phone on:
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