Increasing staff productivity in the remote workforce

Promoting wellbeing in the remote workforce is important because it helps with increasing staff productivity.

We’re all gearing up for at least another few months of working from home, and because of this, looking for ways to increase staff productivity. 

So it’s important that we not only plan our workload, but also think about what we are also going to do to improve our wellbeing. 

As an employer, there are numerous avenues you can explore to help staff wellness and increase staff productivity away from the office.

To help you along the way, we’ve come up with a few of our own.


Flexible working hours

Away from work, we all have differing demands. Be it family, health or other matters – we all have plenty to keep us occupied. Encourage more flexible hours within the remote workplace; it not only helps people find time to exercise and focus on other things, but it could also help to improve your employee loyalty and satisfaction. 


Encourage cycling

Just because the vast majority of staff are no longer working from the office, it doesn’t mean we can forget about the daily bicycle commute. Arrange video calls with staff to discuss cycling tips and share routes with colleagues. If they don’t have a bike, place the focus on walking or running.


Nutrition Advice

The workplace is often blamed for bad eating habits, but this is no different to when the office moves to the house. 

You may only take a few short steps each day from your bed or sofa, or to your home office desk. So what can you do to help? 

Encourage lunch breaks and healthy snacking. It’s important to re-fuel, but if you aren’t eating the “right” things it may slow you down rather than increase staff productivity. The BBC Good Food page is an excellent place to start when it comes to working from home and nutrition.

Or, how about helping yourself to two bites of the cherry with Asda For Business gift cards? That way, you can reward your staff and also, by encouraging the purchasing of healthy foods, you’re doing another little bit to help wellbeing. You could even organise healthy eating cook-offs, which would also be a great way to encourage team bonding.


Mindfulness Meetings

Mindfulness training can combat stress and help create positive thoughts and emotions. It could be something as simple as having a break from your phone, starting a new hobby such as gardening, (yes really!), or having five silent minutes to yourself without any distractions. There is real value in starting a mindfulness group so you can share ideas amongst colleagues and find out what helps them mentally. 


Reward, reward, reward

When it comes to increasing staff productivity, there is so much to be said for involvement and gratitude. So encourage staff to get involved in remote wellbeing sessions, then reward them for doing so with an Asda For Business gift card or e-gift. It’s difficult during what feels like an avalanche of video meetings, so provide your staff with an additional reason to focus on their wellbeing too. 

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