Reward your clients. They deserve it!

Isn’t it amazing when you find out that your mobile phone provider is offering a great deal on the new iPhone? Or your broadband service is doubling speeds in your area? Perhaps your car manufacturer is offering free insurance?

But then you hear those infuriating words: “Offer available to new customers only”. It’s easy to feel disgruntled (have you ever even felt gruntled?) but, for some reason, existing customers aren’t always treated well.

When picking up new customers costs anywhere from five to 25 times more than keeping hold of those existing ones, customer loyalty should be a big priority.

Why – and how – to implement client rewards

If your clients pay on time and you deliver on time, and that’s it, no problem. It’s not spectacular, but it’s enough for some. But with a little imagination, you can find reasons for customer rewards all year round, and not just after an order gets made.

Word of mouth is priceless

 How many clients have you gained through word of mouth? Well, in the age of peer reviews, those words ring louder and longer than ever before.

Referrals. Case studies. Social posts. All incredibly useful things that you should incentivise at any opportunity. And if they’re promoting you online, why not pay it forward and let your audience know about your client’s business?

Just because someone isn’t spending right now, it shouldn’t leave them out the running for a little lift in their day. Celebrate their anniversary as a customer, or invite them to take part in a survey get insight into their experience.

Maybe a client who spends a day helping you with a case study might have earned a little more than someone who only had time for a quick tweet. Fortunately, Asda for Business gift cards let you cover the spectrum. From a little treat to a great big Thank You.

As we frequently mention, it’s also nice to throw a random act of kindness into the world every now and again. Perhaps you could run a monthly draw for all customers, even if you haven’t heard from them in a while.

After all, what’s the use of being a thoughtful supplier if you don’t remind people every now and then?

A few things to keep and eye on… 

There’s nothing wrong with a customer loyalty programme where you openly advertise that purchasing X will earn you an Asda for Business gift card. But it’s very important that you don’t start sending gifts out while tender processes are ongoing. Any attempt to sway a business decision could be seen as a conflict of interest under the 2010 Bribery Act, and cause you untold headaches. If you’re unsure, hold off on any loyalty rewards until after deals have been sorted out.

Most importantly, don’t forget that every person is different. Some might not be in a position to accept gifts, or may feel awkward. Think about having an easy path for donating rewards to good causes. That way even if your clients can’t treat themselves to a chilled champagne, they can still enjoy a lovely warm feeling.

We’d also recommend speaking to your accounts team, just to make sure that you know if your customer loyalty scheme will have any tax implications.

A good relationship thrives on variety 

 Anyone who was part of a petrol station loyalty scheme in the 90s might have felt a bit dismayed about the strange selection on offer. From the whiskey tumblers to the unattainable air compressor – it wasn’t exactly for everyone. Thankfully, with thousands of products from over 600 Asda stores, including Asda Living and online at, your loyal customers will have as much choice as they can handle.

From delicious fresh foods to dynamite fashion, technology and entertainment, you can rest assured that everyone will get what they truly want. After all, customer loyalty is all about respecting a customer’s ability to choose, isn’t it?

Even better, you can choose how your customers receive their gift card. If you want to send some heartfelt thanks, accompanied by your best penmanship, choose a physical Asda for Business gift card. If you’re going green, or are short on time, pick our e-gift card, delivered instantly via email.

We like to reward our customer too 

 When your organisation spends between £1,000 and £10,000, you’ll get a 2.5% discount. Above this, the saving jumps to 4% – try out our handy discount calculator to see how much you could be saving. You can also manage your cards and orders online on an easy-to-use dashboard, click here to register today and get started.

We know that you don’t take your customers for granted, but it never hurts to remind them, Register for Asda for Business gift cards today, and start planning all the days you’re about to make.