It’s the very last minute. Maybe even after that. But don’t panic

December is full of more stressful ‘last minute’ moments than every other month put together. Christmas parties need to be organised. Colleagues are taking holiday all month so that it doesn’t expire. Suppliers are closing are different times throughout the month, with delivery dates getting a little unpredictable as festive chaos builds. Not to mention employee gifts, and maybe some cake for those poor colleagues who have December birthdays.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, sure, but also it’s the most eye-rolling, nerve-shredding time of year too. Now, we can’t cure all of your seasonal stresses, but Asda for Business gift cards are a great way to deal with last minute xmas gifts. So that’s one step closer to being able to let your hair down and actually enjoy the lovely office atmosphere you’ve helped to create.

Sorted in just a few clicks

Once you’ve registered your business (which you can do here, in case you were wondering…), you can order Asda for Business gift cards in no time at all. And if you’re choosing our new, paperless e-gift cards, they’ll be delivered instantly via email. Can’t say much faster than that!

Quick, not rushed

When you’re struggling to get last minute xmas gifts picked in time, it’s easy to rush into the wrong decision. In a frantic panic, you bought a burger press for Lisa. But she’s recently gone vegan! Or a selection of craft beers for one of the many people about to embark on Dry January.

As always, we’re here to help spare you those awkward moments. Instead of seeing a colleague’s face contorted into a ‘what were they thinking?’ grimace, we’re going to let them get what they want. Which is more important than ever at this time of year.

Firstly, you don’t know what your colleagues will be bought for Christmas. Do you really want to be getting them some ‘fairly good’ headphones when their nearest and dearest have bought some flashy, high-end ones? This way, your gift won’t be forgotten in the shadow of something grander.

Secondly, after the Christmas dust settles, January can feel a little sparse. If you’re grabbing an Asda for Business gift card as a last minute xmas gift, they get the chance to treat themselves when the yuletide cheer has dried up a bit. And if they’re living the good life all January, they’ll deserve a little something special.

Your colleagues may also be starting exciting new hobbies in the new year. Which means they need new bits and pieces for those hobbies too. With the full range of Asda, Asda Living and products to choose from, they can spoil themselves.

We’re not just for Christmas

Obviously we’re all thinking about last minute xmas gifts right now, but these situations pop up all year long. Birthdays for the quiet staff members, parental leave, colleagues going absolutely above and beyond for the team –it’s not hard to find a situation where you’re pressed for time to get something they’ll appreciate.

After you’ve registered with us, you can diffuse all of those scenarios in minutes with Asda for Business gift cards. And don’t forget, our new e-gift cards can be delivered instantly for those super-short-notice celebrations.

Once they’ve got their card, it’s all up to their imagination. As long as their imagination is full of quality homeware, fabulous fashion, buzzing technology and a huge range of delicious groceries. Because that’s exactly what our imagination is full of.

Accepted at over 600 Asda stores nationwide, including Asda Living, and online at, our gift cards are a flexible, rewarding way to say Thank You to your people.

Pick up discounts when you pick up your gift cards

When your business spends between £1,000 and £10,000 on Asda for Business gift cards, you’ll get 2.5% discount. Anything over that gets bumped up to 4%, so you can treat even more of your hard-working colleagues. You can even work out just how much you’ll save with our handy discount calculator.

 When you’ve got a super short deadline to make a colleague happy, don’t rush the decision. Give them an Asda for Business gift card –and give them all the time in the world to get exactly what they want.