Employee of the Month? Idea of the Century

Try not to act too surprised, but did you know that unhappy staff can let productivity slip or (gasp!) look for happiness elsewhere?

Of course, you know that. It’s your job. You’re well aware that recognising contributions by your excellent colleagues is how you boost retention – and company productivity. And hopefully, it’s why you’re looking for some new Employee of the Month ideas.

We’ve often recommended unpredictable Random Acts of Appreciation, and we still do, but not everyone works the same way or responds to the same reinforcement. An Employee of the Month scheme ensures that your reward programme keeps momentum, giving a predictable, effective reason to stay engaged all month long.

Decisions, decisions

How are you going to choose your Employee of the Month?

If a teammate has generated a huge amount of business for your company, they may be an easy choice. But not every staff member is in a position to do that, so let’s try to keep things fair.

After all, does the person who just made themselves £5k commission make everyone else happier than the person who finally got those flickering lightbulbs changed? Or freed up a precious parking space when they started cycling to work?

If it quickly becomes clear that certain things win the prize, you’ll be demoralising others – whether you mean to or not. So representation is crucial.

Recognise the shy colleagues as often as the confident ones. The patient as well as the ambitious. Those who put others first, as well as the virtuoso superstars.

Perhaps someone has conquered a fear of public speaking to give a difficult presentation. Or helped a colleague get to work when their car was out of action. Maybe they’re always quick with the Lemsip when sniffles run riot.

Your Employee of the Month ideas should be open to everyone. And if you really want to motivate people, why not let your colleagues nominate each other? Staff who feel heard, and provide peer feedback, are shown to be more engaged and productive.

If you take this route, why not crowdsource ideas for rewards too? Getting a card filled with handy and hilarious suggestions from their adoring peers is bound to raise a smile. And if you’re looking for a reward flexible enough to cover all of those suggestions, you could do worse than Asda for Business gift cards. Are you shocked that we waited so long before mentioning them? Speaking of which…

Everyone wants the same thing, right?

In short, no. One of your Employee of the Month ideas might be to bring a mariachi band to a colleague’s desk and plaster them all over your Twitter feed. But not everyone’s going to love that. For some, being the centre of attention makes them a little uncomfortable. Use your judgement, charm and undeniable HR talents to make the right call.

When it comes to the reward itself, your winners should get to use their judgement. Asda for Business gift cards cover it all. From TVs to tiramisus, blinds to blenders, and apparel to allspice. Whatever they choose, you’ll know it’s something they actually want –which is a great feeling.

Perks for quirks

Perks that are a little harder to come by are a nice addition too, especially those that fit with your workplace’s own little quirks. Like choosing a team lunch delivery or a parking spot by the door for the whole month. Maybe a budding photographer would like to help out on the company Instagram page?

In the spirit of finding out what people really want, you can run a survey, an afternoon workshop, or a brainstorming session. After all, it’s not our job to tell people what they need, just to listen and help them however we can.

We’re here to help you too

With Asda for Business gift cards as staff incentives, your colleagues can shop at over 600 of our stores, including Asda Living and online at George.com. Whether they want to fill their kitchen cupboards, their wardrobes, or their homes with a splash of style, it’s all available.

As a bonus for you, and your company, you’ll also get some discounts that really add up. Everything you spend on Asda for Business gift cards from £1,000 to £10,000 will get you 2.5% off, and 4% above that. So, the more you reward your workmates, the more your company will save.

Employee of the Month is more than just a photo on the wall. It’s a way to make people feel recognised, valued and, most importantly, like they want to stick around. Click here to get started with Asda for Business gift cards, and give your colleagues thousands of ‘thank you’ options to choose from.