Office Christmas gifts—not just for Christmas

Office Christmas gifts. The anticipation. The vaguely uncomfortable attention focused on you while you unwrap. The garish knitwear.

Every Christmas, workplaces around the country do a great job of making staff feel appreciated. Whether it’s a bottle of wine, Secret Santa scheme or, if they’re exceptionally lucky: the branded mouse mat and notepad combo.

All jokes aside, this kind of extra-curricular acknowledgement is important for morale. Because all of your colleagues are people, and they deserve a personal touch. So why do we limit it to Christmas?

By December, many good deeds may have sadly have faded into distant memories. Some office Christmas gifts may have already been consumed. Or worse, consigned to the bin. You may even have staff members who’ve gone to pastures new by then.

So why not start showing the love and gifting in the workplace all year round? Enjoy the business, and social benefits of that sweet staff motivation whether it’s Mardi Gras or Midsummer’s Day. There’s even an argument that random acts of kindness mean more than the predictable festive ones.

Well, not quite random acts of kindness

There are countless things that our colleagues do that deserve recognition. It can be a formal reward scheme, an incentive for engaging with HR initiatives and testimonials, or a ‘thank you’ for those who go above and beyond every single day.

Someone’s helped change a tyre, or always empties the dishwasher? That’s got to be worth a little something. Someone always offers the tea round when every mug is empty? Get that hero a treat.

The important thing is to make sure they get something that they actually want. Almost as if they’d chosen it themselves…

It starts with an Asda for Business gift card

Seasonal gifts can be tricky. Easter eggs melt and pumpkins have an annoying habit of turning into fantastical carriages at midnight.

With an Asda gift card you’re covered all year round. The barbecue aficionados can get the latest Weber from Asda Living, sizzling steaks from any of our supermarkets, and the inevitable umbrella from George.

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And a bonus for your bottom line too

With Asda gift cards, if you spend between £1,000 and £10,000, you’ll get a 2.5% discount on your workplace gifting. Above that, it rises to 4%, so those little rewards will quickly bring in the savings.

So don’t just think, ‘Office Christmas gifts’ just think ‘Proper gifts for people’. And bring smiles to the faces of your indispensable workplace heroes.