A few good ideas for encouraging empowerment in the workplace

How to do encourage empowerment in the workplace? If you had to list some of your least favourite things about office life, a few things would come up over and over. Fridge contents transforming into dangerous forms of penicillin, contagious warriors coming into work when they’re ill, people telling you just how busy they are for forty-five solid minutes…

But these things all have something in common: they’re all what happens when your colleagues don’t feel empowered. Whether they don’t feel empowered to speak openly, take a sick day, or simply relax for a minute. And empowerment in the workplace is one of the areas where we get to shine in HR.

Not just through broader initiatives like flexitime, self-appraisals and dress down days, but in countless little ways that make people enjoy coming to work. And when 83.6% of us believe that enjoying our job is more important than a high salary*, it’s important stuff!

Our favourite ways to promote empowerment in the workplace

Reward initiatives run by each team

HR have eyes everywhere, but you’ll never see everything. How about setting up an incentive where people can nominate their colleagues for rewards? They’ll get to show their appreciation for their colleagues, and build a lovely, empathetic environment.

Give credit for effort – and noble failures

One of the biggest obstacles to empowerment in the workplace is fear of failure, and it could be stopping you from getting the best out of your people. When you run reward schemes, don’t just highlight numbers. Celebrate the dreamers and the grafters with rewards for creative thinking.

Make sure that hard work doesn’t go unrecognised

Unfortunately, not every great piece of work can result in a raise or a new job title. So you need to be a little more creative with rewards to make sure everyone feels valued. And considering that Asda for Business gift cards can be used for everything from trainers to TVs, you’ve got a lot of scope.

Don’t tell people what they want – ask them!

As much as we love giving you ideas to get started, we don’t know your particular colleagues. So make sure that you get regular feedback to make sure that you’re helping deliver a workplace that they enjoy. You’ll no doubt get some fantastic ideas back, maybe even some worthy of… an Asda for Business gift card!

You boost empowerment in the workplace, you get a discount. Win-win

Being upfront with your people is a great way to let them know you respect them. Which is why we’re upfront with you about our rewards for your business. If you spend between £1,000 and £10,000, you’ll get a 2.5% discount. Above that, it rises to 4%, so the savings add up sooner than later.

And, of course, the Asda for Business gift card lets you choose from thousands of your favourite products, all at great value. From high-end electricals and homewares, to treats for the wardrobe, or filling those kitchen cupboards.

Asda for Business gift cards can be used across our entire network of stores as well as Asda Living and online at George.com.

Who knows? Maybe as a result of all these empowering new initiatives, one of your colleagues might nominate you too (or at least they might feel empowered to make the tea everyone once in a while).