Helping your business grow requires all hands on deck. And a little magic.

Any help to grow your business is always welcome. But we’re not here to offer you a new business strategy, we’ll leave that to your silver-tongued sales and marketing colleagues. We’re here to talk about the little moments of joy that ensure customers stick around.

We’re a demanding world now—and it’s great! It means that we can take next-day delivery and lightning-fast customer service for granted.

It’s a brilliant time to be a customer. But it’s also tough to stand out with quick, consistent service alone. So how do you differentiate yourself when this is the new normal?

Show some personality, and embrace the little things

If you’ve ever received a complimentary bag of sweets with some contact lenses, or get that free birthday coffee from your local coffee shop, you’ll know the value of the little things.

Thoughtful moments that let your customers, and potential customers, know that you don’t simply want to tie them in. You want to make their lives a little better.

I’m not sure if ‘magic’ is a reasonable consumable on your customer acquisition strategy, but Asda gift cards can fill that role beautifully. They’re as subtle or grand as you need them to be, and avoid lumbering your cherished customers with unwanted trinkets.

After all, you respect their ability to choose a supplier, so it makes sense to respect them to pick up their own treat too.

With a little creativity, helping your business grow is totally achievable. Asda for Business gift cards can be the cornerstone of your customer retention plan. Use them as incentives for testimonials, loyalty reward schemes, spot prizes –anything you can dream up.

You might even want to save a few for that all-important staff motivation too!

Here’s the kicker: Asda for Business gift cards reward your business too

Other cards talk about rewards for your business, but they can be a little coy about what they actually are. With Asda gift cards, if you spend between £1,000 and £10,000, you’ll get a 2.5% discount. Above that, it rises to 4%, so you’ll start saving remarkably quickly, all while keeping smiles on customers’ faces.

You’re also getting the Asda double-whammy: a choice of thousands of incredible products, and all at great value. From high-end electricals and homewares, to treats for the wardrobe, or even simply restocking the kitchen.

Asda for Business gift cards can be used across our entire network of stores including Asda Living stores, George outlets and of course online at