Make the most of Asda perks at work this summer…

It’s well and truly holiday season, which means if you haven’t already been on your holidays, you might well be soon. Not everyone goes away during the summer months though, and it’s important to remember those holding the fort, while many of us enjoy time out of the office. To help keep those employees happy and engaged during the summer holiday season, we’ve come up with five Asda perks at work suggestions to help them along.

Plan a team day out

For three months of the year, otherwise known as holiday season, it’s likely that your team may be smaller than usual, because of the amount of time your team members are spending away from work with their families and relaxing.

To keep the staff members that remain in the office motivated,  why not plan a team day out to keep morale high, and ensure your culture is one that encourages outdoor activity.


The rules about working from home changed on the 19th July, but many of your staff members may still want the option to work from home. Letting them have the option or easing them back into “normal” working life slowly, is good for wellbeing and mental health. Remember, many of them may not have been faced with things like rush hour traffic for the best part of 18 months –  just one of several big changes they may have faced.

Daily office perks

Office perks are smaller and more regular, but just as worthwhile. Fruit deliveries or encouraging people to take breaks are seen as small gestures, but often mean a lot. Having open discussion groups about mental health and lifestyle can also make employees feel more valued.

Clear and concise communication

By being upfront, honest, and explaining the perks that are available to staff throughout the year, you’ll find that it helps them focus on their targets and understand what’s expected from them in order to gain certain staff rewards.

Employee engagement naturally drops off slightly over the summer months due to the decrease in numbers throughout the different departments, but rewards and recognition help keep staff focused and motivated. 

Asda perks at work

Looking for gifts for staff or employee rewards? At Asda, we believe in perks at work and Asda for Business gift cards are a great way to say ‘thank you’, ‘well done’, ‘congratulations’, ‘let’s do this together’, or anything else for that matter!

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