ASDA B2B: 10 staff team building exercises

Just what is the new normal in the office? Well, whatever it is, you still need to keep your staff motivated and engaged with new ideas for the entirety of their working life. We are now only starting to see some light at the end of the coronavirus pandemic, but some staff still might not feel comfortable visiting venues to engage in team activities. So, with that in mind, at ASDA B2B we’ve come up with 10 team-building exercises that will cater to all requirements. So whether you want something indoor, outdoor, online, or a mix, we’ve got it covered.


 1) Egg drop – this classic from your younger years at school, is still a popular choice today. Can your employees build a device that will keep a raw egg intact after it’s dropped from a few stories up? Test them and find out.


2) Office Pictionary – another classic and the rules are pretty straightforward. Divide your employees into two or more teams. Write down the names of objects, movie stars, celebrities, or something else. Then by taking turns, each team member will draw them/it and challenge their team to guess who it is. Great fun.


3) Team lunches – might not be for everyone but it’s a good way to socialise in less formal surroundings. Run a quick survey before deciding on the venue, and don’t forget to pick up the tab.


4) Online comedy afternoon – finish the working day early and arrange for a comedian to entertain you remotely and online. Have a laugh, it’s not all work, work, work.


5) The dinner party – no, we aren’t suggesting that you arrange a night at your house and invite everyone over. The “dinner party” game is quick and easy and a great ice breaker particularly for new starters. Simply take turns in asking which three people, dead or alive, your employees would invite to dinner and why.


6) Two truths, one lie – take it in turns telling your co-workers two things about you that are true, and one thing that’s false. Let them decide which it is.


7) Building blocks – you aren’t getting the Lego blocks out, don’t panic. Building blocks is a card game that has 101 questions. The questions are about topics such as the team, education, future decisions, random scenarios and hobbies.


8) Office trivia quiz – how many random facts do your staff know about the company? Devise a quiz and find out. How long has it been in existence? Who is the longest-serving employee?


9) Blind retriever – guide a person who is blindfolded to an object or specific point either indoors or out. It’s a good way to build team morale, respond to instructions, and react under pressure.


10) Ideas workshops – often work-related, but excellent nonetheless. Is the next big idea for your company in the mind of one of your employees? There’s only one way to find out.


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