Asda Thank You Cards: 5 ways to provide goal hitting rewards

Staff and team goals. They’re so important and could be the difference between turning your team from good to great. It’s important when setting goals that you reward your staff when they meet them, and options such as an ASDA thank you card, are great.


It is important to take a step back and look at the foundation of your team and ask; just what were the common goals that were set? And, is the team still feeling motivated enough to meet them?


Other questions should include; is everyone clear on what the team’s overall objective is? Are they remaining engaged throughout the process? Or, if the overall goal isn’t clear, do they know what they’re aiming for? It should be the job of the senior leadership team in any organisation to monitor this regularly.


Clear goals are vital because they keep staff engaged and point them in the right direction to achieving them.


So to help you along, here’s a few goal-setting techniques that you can use with your team and steer them towards success.


1) Set what your team needs to accomplish


If you’re responsible for a team, it’s critical that you have a very clear vision and understanding of your goal. To make it easier for yourself and others, you could ask yourself the following questions:


What is it that we need to accomplish? What would we like to achieve? What does success look like? If we are successful, then what happens? How will we measure our success? How might we evaluate any progress?


2) Involve your team with goal setting


Involve your team in the goal brainstorming process. It’s important to get the team involved in things as early as possible because when they are, they’ll feel more involved, motivated, committed and engaged. SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and timely) Goals are a good way to coach and guide the team.


3) Create a plan of action


Once the goals have been set, create an action plan for achievement. Set your team an additional task here, and get them to work together and create a road map for success. Your goal must be broken down into actionable items with smaller targets and deadlines set on the way to the overall goal. It’s imperative that each team member should leave this stage knowing exactly what they must do.


4) Progress tracking and milestones


Once the deadlines are in place, the plan is in motion. Your team will then need to note the deadlines and check in regularly to mark the progress. A solid form of communication throughout is so important.


5) Committed leadership


Leadership is crucial at different stages. The team leader/manager must stay with the project from start to end. They certainly don’t disappear when the goals have been set. Management should remain on hand throughout, and answer any questions should they arise from the team. One-to-one progress reports are a great way to keep on top of things.


If you’ve got several projects on the go at the moment that contain clear goals, why not reward your staff members regularly with ASDA thank you cards.

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