Why employers should revisit perks at work

Right now, for employers, there seems to be a perfect storm brewing for rethinking perks at work. Why’s that, you may quite rightly ask. Well, let’s take a look at the landscape across the nation for companies and employers.


The cost of living increase

It goes without saying that the cost of living increase is putting households across the country under significant financial pressure, with the cost of everyday goods and services, fuel and energy on the rise. 

There is no doubt that employers will also be feeling the pinch, but it’s important to find ways to support and reward your employees during this difficult time. 


Hybrid working continues to prevail 

For many companies — employers and staff alike — the forced entry into remote working has been an absolute blessing. Employees can engineer better work-life balances for themselves, and employers have a much larger pool of talent—especially for desk-based or consultative roles—than they ever did before. Responsibilities allowing, you can now hire the best person for the role wherever they are in the country. 

However, this can mean that some perks at work just won’t work for everyone. Things like an impromptu office lunchtime pizza delivery or team days or nights out won’t benefit those working from 300 miles away. 

Add to that, post-Covid, the mix of employees continuing with fully remote working, and others returning to the office two or three days a week, rewarding your employees and keeping team spirit high is a taller job than it was before. Employers now need to find myriad ways to manage and motivate staff, both in the office and in their homes. 


An answer that works for everyone…

That’s where things like gift cards for employees come into their own. 

Whether staff are working solely from home, are enjoying the hybrid working model, or are in the office full-time, you can reward your team across the board. With Asda Gift Cards from Asda For Business, you can hand out perks at work, both physically or, with Asda’s eGifts, directly to your employees inbox.

Not only that, because Asda has dropped and locked over 100 prices for the rest of the year, giving Asda Gift Cards to employees helps the reward go that little bit further. Cards can be redeemed in over 600 stores nationwide, online at George.com and Asda.com. Great for those coming into the office, brilliant for those team members still giving their all from miles away.

And, with discounts for bulk purchases, you can introduce those perks at work for less.


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