Four top tips for post-work summer evenings

Spring has sprung, and with it the return of “longer” days. The lighter evenings mean that we can all consider doing more with our time, and let’s be honest, the milder/warmer weather means that when it comes to post-work summer evenings, we’re more likely to venture outside and do something. 

There’s a whole host of things to keep us active, and to help, we’ve listed four enjoyable and easy tips for you to follow, so that you can enjoy the nicer weather.

Walk, walk, walk! Why not make the most of it? Usually during the winter months if you’ve been out to walk, the likelihood is that you will have had a four-legged friend with you and the darker and colder temperature may have meant that you probably embarked on a shorter journey.  

With the weather gradually starting to warm up and with the summer evenings inviting you out, now is the time to get out and walk. 

If you venture out after work on a weekday, it’s likely that you’ll have a couple of additional hours of sunlight to enjoy where you can stay walking for longer, explore new areas, or plot several shorter routes. 

Try an outdoor activity – something different – Why not try and turn an evening ramble into a new adventure. For those looking to take their outdoor activities to the next level, why not see what opportunities there are to turn an evening ramble into a proper adventure. 

Geocaching is an outdoor activity, where you use a Global Positioning System receiver or your mobile phone to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” at specific locations marked by coordinates

It’s a little like real world treasure hunting, and you can choose a wide range of challenges by conducting a quick Google search.

It’s never too early to BBQ! – A barbeque in the spring is a great way to gather family or friends after work or at the end of the week. If the outdoor dining experience isn’t suitable at your home, what about suggesting it to a friend or finding somewhere close by that does have an outdoor dining option. 

Volunteer in your community  Throughout the whole year, all local communities rely on the generosity of volunteers. When the spring time arrives, many new activities start.  For example, if you live close to an animal sanctuary or a woodland trust you could call in and see if they need an additional pair of hands in the evening time. 

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