Top Money Saving Tips for the Back To School Shop

Taking the kids back to school in September can always be a bit of a relief as you no longer have to worry about childcare and entertaining them during the day. But, shopping for new school supplies to get ready for the year ahead can be quite costly.

This year in particular, with prices rising across the board, we will all need to find ways to cut back. Fortunately, there are a few easy things you can do to save money on the back to school shop.


Take Stock of What You’ve Already Got

The new school year can come around in the blink of an eye, and it can be hard to remember what survived the previous year. But before you head to the shop for the next lot of school uniform and stationery, take a look at what you already have. Often, you will be able to salvage and reuse some of last year’s school supplies to save money this time round. 


Leave the Kids at Home

One of the most important things when trying to keep the cost of the back to school shopping down is to have a clear budget, but this can be difficult to stick to when you have the kids in tow. Start with a clear shopping list and get the basics ticked off on your own so that your children aren’t tempted by any non-essentials. 

After this initial shop, if there are any extra treats that your kids would like, a chore chart can be a great way for them to learn the value of budgeting and earn these goodies throughout the year. 


Shop Sustainably

With the rate that kids grow, along with general playground wear and tear, it can sometimes feel like there is a constant need for new school uniform. This can have quite a significant impact on the environment, but fortunately, with Asda’s new eco-friendly range of uniform, it is much easier to shop more sustainably. 

And, in the interest of saving money, the George ‘Take Back’ recycling scheme enables you to drop old uniforms at your local Asda to reduce waste, and get 10% off this year’s back to school shop in return. 


Seek Support from Charitable Organisations

For those parents that are having a particularly tough time with the cost of living crisis, there are a number of charities that may be able to offer support. For example, we at Asda for Business have recently teamed up with Buttle UK to provide the country’s most vulnerable children with our great quality school essentials. With £125,000 worth of Asda For Business Gift Cards donated, Buttle might be able to relieve you of the stress of affording the school uniform shop this year.


Browse Asda’s Affordable School Shop

Finally, at Asda we know how difficult this period can be for parents, which is why we have a number of discounts and multi-buy offers on our back to school supplies. Whether the kids need fresh P.E. kit or a new backpack, George is the perfect one-stop shop for fantastic value school essentials. 

And with these great RollBack offers available, if you’re an employer looking to offer your staff a little extra support ahead of the new school year, an Asda for Business gift card can be a brilliant way to ease the financial strain of the back to school shop

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