Think Outside-the-Box With Your Employee Rewards: Creative Ways to Recognise Your Staff

It is no secret that employee recognition can increase staff retention and motivation, in turn driving the business forwards. In fact, studies have shown that 43% of employees say they feel unmotivated due to feeling undervalued. Employees deserve more than just a ‘thank you’ when it comes to rewarding their hard work, so here are some creative ways you can show your appreciation:


Create a Recognition Board


Setting up an employee appreciation board, either as a virtual channel on Teams, or with a physical notice board in the office, can create a company-wide culture of recognition. Any member of staff would be able to give a shoutout to their colleagues for impressive performance at work, character traits or recent accomplishments in their personal lives. Not only does this encourage employees to praise one another, but it also allows management to reward their team in a public forum. 


Bring the Funfair Games to the Office


Introducing games and prizes to reward your employees can be a great way to show your staff they are valued and bring an element of fun to the office. For example, why not introduce a monthly tombola, wheel of fortune or bottle toss game with a range of different prizes up for grabs. 


Organise a Staff Happy Hour


Employers can also demonstrate their appreciation by hosting a regular staff happy hour. Even if this is just one hour at the end of the day on a Friday, giving your employees the opportunity to unwind and socialise is a brilliant way to reward hard work, and helps to build relationships within the team.


Invest in Employee Development


Finally, often a lack of employee recognition can lead staff to feel like there are limited progression opportunities in the company. Investing in the development of your employees, through training or leadership courses allow for employee growth and highlight just how valued they are within the organisation. 


No matter how big or small, employee appreciation schemes can keep staff morale high and help your business to grow. If you’re looking for new ways to reward your employees, our Asda For Business gift cards and e-gift cards are a great way to say thank you. For more information, get in touch with us today.