The best employee rewards? Here’s a great start …

Are you an employer looking for the best employee rewards schemes? Perhaps you’re in HR and have been tasked with a better way of saying, ‘Thank you’ to the people who contribute to your success.

Well, if you want your recipients to have a wealth of choice, business gift cards make the ideal corporate gift, employee incentive, or customer acquisition incentive. Here at Asda for Business we’ve been working on a new look and a new easy-to-use website to help you choose the right corporate gift card for your staff.

More popular than ever

Gift card popularity is at an all-time high.  Over £6bn is spent by the British public on gift cards every year*. As you don’t have to know the recipient personally, they make ideal gifts, especially for businesses. And that makes them the perfect employee rewards scheme or customer acquisition gift. They give people the freedom to pick out whatever they want. And, as a business, you can quickly and easily register and start buying your Asda gift cards in a matter of days. They’re perfect too, for both employee rewards and retention and customer acquisition or loyalty. Not only that, but you can get discounts for buying gift cards in bulk too. What more could you want? How about a new look and an easy to use website, making it even easier to get your corporate gift cards sorted?

“Our new look and our new website is clear and straightforward. It tells you everything you need to know about ordering business gift cards – for your staff or your customers. The website is easy to navigate and makes registering and ordering your cards quick and simple.” Matt Collinge, Head of Asda for Business.

And now, easier than ever

Not only have Asda for Business got a new look and feel, now we’ve made it easy to get your gift cards with our brand-new website. You can find out everything you need, from: why choose Asda gift cards to why gift cards are perfect for employee recognition and retention; how you can build loyalty amongst staff and customers or use gift cards for staff motivation and customer reward schemes. You’ll also find out how our gift cards are great for customer acquisition and retention and make the perfect festive gifts too. And when it comes to ordering, you’ll find all the help you need with a list of frequently asked questions, a contact page where you can call or email our dedicated account team for help and advice, and a quick and easy online registration too.

Everything you need at

Everything you need to know in one easy to navigate site. To order you’ll need to register first (all responsible retailers have to do this). But don’t worry, registering online is now quick and easy. You can go to this page and answer a few simple questions. It takes just a couple of minutes, and once we have checked and approved your application, our dedicated account team will be in touch within two working days. And once you are approved you won’t need to go through this again and can order as many gift cards as you like, at any time using your own personal log in.

So why choose Asda gift cards?

Our gift cards suit all ages and walks of life. Who doesn’t have to do a weekly shop? And what other gift card could help buy everything from pizza to patio furniture or baked beans to bedding? In fact, an Asda gift card is so much more than a gift. There are literally thousands of things to choose from in store and even more online at They’re the perfect tool for employee incentives or rewarding customer loyalty, and so flexible too. You can give anything – from £1 to £1,000 with our open value cards, or choose pre-loaded gift cards of £5, £10, £20, £25, £50 & £100.

What would you choose with your Asda for Business gift card?

With so much to choose from, this is a gift that’s so much more than a gift. We asked around the office to see what people would buy if they received an Asda gift card. “Put it towards the weekly shop” was a popular answer, with some people being more specific… such as pizzas and ice cream. Other people would spend it on more luxury items such as cushions, vases and throws. We even got more leftfield answers such as dog food and suitcases. What would you spend yours on? We’d love to know.

Buy gift cards in bulk

You can even buy gift cards in bulk and get up to 4% discount. Here’s how it works: Orders above £10,000+ receive 4% and orders between £1,000 and £9,999.99 enjoy a 2.5% discount. Take a look at the details here – we’ll even deliver your business gift cards free to a corporate address in 3 working days.

Gift cards are a more popular than ever, to give and receive. So choose a gift card that resonates with your workforce. A gift card that gives them anything they want from a brand they know and trust. And choose a gift card that can even help with your customer acquisition and retention too. Choose an Asda for Business Gift Card. So if you are looking for the best employee rewards – or even a way to reward customers – you could make a great start by talking to us.

What do you think to our new look and new website? And what would you spend an Asda gift card on? Let us know–we’d love to hear from you.

*UK Gift Card & Voucher Association (