Employee gift cards – 10 reasons to motivate staff with them

Employee gift cards can be a real plus, especially as motivation in the workplace is always a challenge. Keeping an entire workforce feeling rewarded and motivated can be tough, especially in the days of multi-generational employees. What appeals to a young twenty-something may not be the same thing that appeals to someone reaching retirement. What appeals to a mum-of-three may not appeal to a young and single junior employee.

Everyone’s different

In fact, what appeals to one person may not appeal to the person at the next desk, regardless of age or stage of life. There is one way that ensures everyone is happy, however… Corporate gift cards. They can help you create an employee incentive scheme that works, providing rewards and recognition to your most valuable resource – your staff. In fact, business gift cards are the perfect employee incentive. Here’s why…

1. Increase employee motivation

Never underestimate the importance of a highly motivated workforce. It’s why many businesses and HR employees are constantly looking for ways to motivate staff. For employees, just knowing that there is an employee incentive scheme in place can keep them motivated and feeling good. A business gift card can help you reinforce positive behaviour – from going above and beyond, to meeting targets, and so much more…

2. Incentivise sales performance

Corporate gift cards can be a great sales incentive. Many businesses give them to staff for meeting or exceeding company targets. And because everyone gets to pick their own gift (rather than going on a business trip for example), it keeps it personal.

3. Length of service recognition

Rewarding staff for the length of service with a business gift card is a great way to say thank you. It allows them to choose a gift they want but is still personal enough to feel like a gift. With an Asda for Business gift card for example, recipients could choose from thousands of items in store as well as much more online at George.com. They can use their card on anything from the weekly shop to weekend away essentials, or pizzas to patio furniture.

4. Empower staff and improve employee engagement

A staff incentive scheme helps employees feel empowered and engaged. And when they’re empowered and engaged they’re more productive. Customer service is better, your bottom line improves and everyone’s happy.

5. Instil culture change

Though not the only way, corporate gift cards can be a great way to help change the culture in an organisation. By rewarding the behaviour you want to see, and using incentives to instil core values, culture change becomes less challenging and more, erm… rewarding!

6. A personal gift that appeals to everyone

Employee gift cards have a wide appeal and are always well received. It’s much more personal than cash, but you don’t have to know the recipients’ interests to know that a business gift card will appeal. And as mentioned, an Asda for Business gift card gives them so much more choice than many other incentives. As a result, it appeals to everyone and puts the pleasure of choosing something for themselves into their own hands.

7. Recognise individual or team working

Whether they are working as a team or individually a business gift card is easy and stress-free way to say thank you and keep staff motivation high. You won’t have to worry about anyone not liking the gift, organising returns or ordering different things for different team members. Everyone gets to pick the gift they want, so everyone’s happy and feeling rewarded.

8. Enhance team performance

Speaking of team work, business gift cards can be a great way to enhance team performance. Whether a team works together to meet or exceed targets, or simply goes above and beyond, rewarding them with a corporate gift card is great for overall motivation. Everyone gets the same regardless of level, they get to choose their own gift and, with an Asda for Business gift card they also get to choose from thousands of products in-store or at George.com

9. Recruit and retain top staff

Employee gift cards can help to look after the most valuable resource – your staff. A successful employee incentive scheme creates a highly motivated workforce and helps you recruit and retain top staff at all levels.

10. Thank you gifts

When you have an employee rewards scheme in place, giving out simple thank you gifts can be an easy and effective way to show staff you appreciate them. A gift card is an easy way to say thank you at any time.

As you can see, business gift cards make a lot of sense for staff incentives and workplace motivation. But then how do you choose which one suits your workforce? It’s important to make sure the gift card appeals to different staff with different interests, but also choose a gift card they can use easily. By choosing Asda Business for your employee incentive scheme, you can be sure that the gift card will appeal to all ages and demographics and they can use the card in over 600 UK stores and online at George.com.

There are also some great benefits for you as a business. Buy gift cards in bulk and you’ll receive up to 4% discount. It’s easy to register too, and cards can be delivered free in just 3 working days. Find out more about what Asda for Business gift cards can do for you here. And give your staff the freedom to pick out whatever they want, they will definitely thank you for it.