Gifts for office staff? After all, ‘tis the season to be thoughtful.

Gifts for office staff is always a tricky one.

Do you remember how Christmas felt when you were a kid? Get to bed early. Get up at 4am, because that’s entirely reasonable.

When you saw the festive displays go up in late February, you got excited all over again, instead of rolling your eyes so far back you could see the Christmas just gone?

That’s the Christmas Tipping Point, where fun and wonder became stress and a To Do List as long as your arm. Science has yet to pinpoint when it happens, but it does. And if you’re responsible for arranging gifts for office staff, that’s another minefield to navigate.

But it’s alright. We’re going to talk about some of the most common concerns, and how (surprise, surprise), Asda for Business gift cards can help you navigate all of them. And add some very personal touches too.

Santa carries a big bag. Of pressure.

When you’re buying individual gifts, there are so many things to consider. Things like chocolates and wine are tricky when it comes to dietary requirements and teetotallers. That’s not to say some people don’t want those things… you just need to make it a choice.

As much as you’d love to be close to everyone in the office, you’re also going to know some people better than others. If some gifts seem more appropriate and considered than others, colleagues may feel left out or unappreciated.

So when it comes to gifts for office staff, you also don’t want to seem too frivolous. When people’s home budgets are stretched with epic food demands on Christmas day, are you going to make their life better with something that doesn’t help that burden?

And lastly, but certainly not least, there’s a sustainability issue. None of us want to see gifts wind up in the bin or pushed to the back of a cupboard. It wastes money, precious resources, and your time.

Asda for Business gifts cards make sure that favouritism isn’t an issue, your employee gift goes on something they’ll actually want or need, and the footprint is next to nothing. Even less if you choose a digital e-gift card.

But pressure is a two-way street…

We’ve all ‘oooh’ed and ‘aaah’ed whilst quizzically trying to work out exactly what someone’s given us. And then felt a little confused as to why they’ve given it to us.

We’ve all felt ungrateful for not actually wanting a wasteful gizmo, because we’re lucky enough to have all the tat that we want. Thank you very much, 2am eBay.

And we’ve all had a moment where we wish it was ok to say: “Thank you, but a little help with the cost of putting on Christmas is the only thing on my list this year”.

Christmas is a time when we should be happy to genuinely help and make people happy. It’s not about ego or getting the right level of reaction from your gift choice. It’s about employee gift ideas that make someone’s Christmas better.

These are the reasons that Asda for Business gift cards aren’t just easy, they’re the perfect solution. If someone wants two dozen pigs in blankets or a sparkly new dress the choice is theirs.

And if someone wants to keep hold of it, and use it after the chaotic dust of Christmas has settled? That’s ok too. Take the pressure off yourself, and off your co-workers too.

Make it personal. Like, actually personal.

Giving people the choice to use their gift however they want is great, but you have a real opportunity at Christmas.

When you give them their gift card, why not make personalised suggestions based on the things you know they love. A Walking Dead box set  or a rucksack for weekend hikes? Sure. Maybe a razor-sharp new chef’s knife and some fiery scotch bonnets for the adventurous wannabe chef? Or that glittery little clutch that’s just big enough to fit a mini bottle of prosecco. Or socks, if that’s your thing.

If you’re not sure how things will go, why not get ahead of the game and do a little online quiz a few months ahead, to trick people into revealing their favourite shows, hobbies, and ambitions?

Despite being accepted in over 600 Asda stores, including Asda Living and George online, some employee gift ideas can’t actually be bought with Asda for Business gift cards.

We’re talking about recognition. When you give your cards out, mention three things the colleague has done to make a real difference in the last year. Make them feel acknowledged, because a handful of kind, thoughtful words will mean more than any number of socks ever could.

You can sort gifts for office staff quickly and easily, too!

After registering, you’ll be good to go in just a couple of days, and you can manage your cards from our handy online account hub. Whether you’re choosing fixed amounts, specific amounts, or paperless e-gift cards, it can be done in a snap.

The more you spend, the more your business can save too. When you choose between £1,000 and £10,000 worth of Asda for Business gift cards, you’ll get a 2.5% discount. Above that, it jumps up to 4%. You can work out the savings using our nifty discount calculator, or jump here to register.

Feeling the pressure as your Christmas List is replaced by a To Do List? Don’t worry, Asda for Business gift cards will help you get a few of them checked off well before tinsel time.