Customer loyalty ideas – getting the balance right


Unless you’re some kind of ice-cold sales robot from the future, you know that a good customer relationship is everything.

It’s the holy grail of customer satisfaction.  Here are some customer loyalty ideas that get the balance just right and they’ll come back again and again. Even more importantly, both sides will actually enjoy working together.

Even though every business is different, and every client is an individual, there are a few customer loyalty ideas that have worked for us. So, we’re going to share them, because we’re lovely like that.


Five easy ways to make your customer relationships brilliant :

1. Don’t just get in touch when you want something.

If a client knows that you’re only in touch because you’re selling something, they’re not going to look forward to your contact.

They’re going to get someone to say they’re not available. While their poor colleague has to interpret their excuse charades. So, stay in touch in ways that are useful to them: are they happy? Is there anything you could have done better? Do you have a new competition running that they’d love?

Random acts of kindness are also great customer loyalty ideas. There are worse ways than with an Asda for Business gift card topped up for dinner for two #justsaying.


2. Get feedback, because their opinion matters.

Surveys, phone calls, comped lunches – however you like to do it, find out from your customers what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong.

You may have years of experience, but they’re the ones you’re trying to make happy. And sometimes you can be too close to something to get the perspective they can offer.

But crucially, don’t hide from less-than-positive feedback. It’s not the time to explain it away or get defensive. Every criticism is the beginning of an improvement, and they can all make your business better. So be as positive when you get them as when you get compliments.


3. Think beyond testimonials – why not promote each other?

In the age of Trustpilot, Tripadvisor and Revoo, peer reviews are one of the most important ways of earning new business.

And if you’re doing a great job, there’s no reason why your clients wouldn’t say a few kind words. Plenty of our own customers even use Asda for Business gift cards as a thankyou for case studies, kindly tweets and Instagram shout-outs.

But a good relationship is never a one-way street! Use your own channels to give them some love in return and get some eyes on their businesses and products.

“Had the most fantastic time with Sarah at @Acme today! They’re an exciting local start up, and we’re proud to be in business with them.”


4. Team up to change the world

Your relationship doesn’t just have to be about buying and selling. If you’re looking at some new CSR work, like social or environmental programmes, why not ask them to be a part of  it?

It’s win-win: great causes get more hands-on deck, and your relationship becomes stronger by cooperating and achieving together.

You’re not just establishing your reputation as a pro-active, caring organisation, but letting clients know that you see them in the same way.


5. Get more from your customer rewards schemes

Here’s where we’ve listened to our customers – and they’ve given us great ideas.

If a customer is close to a new reward, get in touch to let them know! We all like little surprises to look forward to, but it’s easy to forget they’re due.

If you’re sending out increasing values of Asda for Business gift cards in return for customer loyalty, put some personality into it. Make a note in the card of a great way to use the card – extra points if you remember their favourite brand of Rioja from a phone call months ago!

And never be afraid to ask what they’d love in a reward scheme. You should always be hungry to add more value to your growing relationship.


Get the right mix of good vibes and great rewards, and you’ll be on their Christmas card list in no time.

Asda for Business gift cards can be used in over 600 Asda stores nationwide, including Asda Living, and online at So, your clients will never have to look far for those great tech, homeware, fashion and food rewards.

You’ll keep your relationship with the finance department sweet too, with 2.5% discount when you spend between £1,000 and £10,000 on Asda for Business gift cards, and 4% above that!

Use our customer loyalty ideas and get creative with your clients today, watch your status go from ‘It’s complicated’ to ‘In a long-term relationship’.