Cost of living support for those most in need

This year,  as we are faced with soaring energy bills and living costs, many of us in the UK will be entering winter more conscious of our spending than ever. However, for those most vulnerable in the country, the winter months will feel particularly daunting.

The older generation, people with disabilities, and a number of other vulnerable communities may require extra support from charities and corporations over the coming months. That’s why at Asda, we have introduced our ‘Winter Warmer’ scheme to help with the strain of the cost of living crisis


‘Winter Warmers’ from Asda 


Insights from the most recent Asda Income Tracker show that those aged 65 to 74 saw a drop of £163 in their disposable income in August, compared to 2021. This, along with Age UK research confirming that 2.8 million older households will be living in fuel poverty this winter, motivated us to offer a cost-effective, £1 warming meal deal for all Asda Café customers over 60.

Running alongside the Kids Eat for £1 initiative, this offer will invite all pensioners to enjoy a bowl of soup, bread roll and unlimited teas or coffees for just £1 throughout November and December.  


In addition, as well as offering support with rising food costs, the cost of living crisis will also impact many community groups who are unable to meet in their usual venues due to spiralling energy bills. 

Keeping in contact with those around you can be vital for our mental wellbeing, especially when times are tough. Therefore, we will also be saving some space in our supermarket cafés from 2-6pm, for these groups to grab an unlimited ‘Community Cuppa’, enabling them to maintain their vital connections throughout the winter. 


So what could you do to help…


Whether you are in the corporate world or public sector there are a number of ways you can support your staff or beneficiaries with the impact of the cost of living crisis. Even in just 3 simple steps, you could offer someone a much needed lifeline:


1. Research and raise awareness


We think our cost of living support schemes are great, but there are also many more out there. Do some research of help initiatives in your local area, whether that be a government run programme or a charitable organisation, and let those around you know what is available. Just through spreading this information and awareness can really help those who might be struggling know where to turn. 


2. Get hands-on and volunteer


If you’re looking to offer more hands-on support, why not enquire about volunteering at a local charity? For example, many communities up and down the country will require volunteers to help set up and run ‘warm banks’ in libraries, museums or other public buildings to help those who can’t afford to heat their home. 

Alternatively, we know working life can be busy, especially at this time of year, so if you’re unable to offer in-person volunteering support, you could consider some fundraising with your colleagues. Activities like a team running challenge, or an office food collection for the local food bank or homeless shelter can be a great way for the group to band together and support those who are struggling.


3. Share the cost with an Asda For Business Gift Card


Finally, a great way to help vulnerable communities or employees with financial strain is through an Asda For Business gift card or e-gift card

If you’re responsible for people in need, an Asda gift card could provide a small boost and offer support with groceries, kids school uniform, or even essential home appliances.

In fact, with our lock on prices for the rest of the year, just a little support could go a really long way this winter. Plus, with our discount of up to 4% on bulk gift card purchases, you can get more value and help even more of those in need.