Breast cancer awareness: how you can support the cause at work

October was breast cancer awareness month, so for our Tickled Pink campaign this year, we joined forces with charity partners Breast Cancer Now and CoppaFeel!, and we’re on a mission to encourage everyone — regardless of age, gender and ethnicity — to do the Real Self-Checkout and check their breasts regularly. Alongside this, we’re also raising funds for breast cancer treatments, education and support. 

We know breast cancer can be a very sensitive topic, but it’s important to check in on your friends, family and employees that might be struggling — even in times they don’t ask for it. That’s why we’re here to help with our 3 top tips on how you can show your support at work, and not just for breast cancer awareness month, but for all the other months to come, too. 


Wear pink

The pink breast cancer ribbon is by far, the most recognised symbol to not only raise awareness, but to also stand in solidarity and show support for those in battle against it. 

So why not hand them out and encourage your staff to wear them for the month? It’s an easy way to show you care, and of course, a great way to spread awareness for such an important cause. While this may go without saying, awareness is the first step to support.  


Education is important

But make no mistake: while awareness might be the first step to support, it can be difficult to truly make an impact when people don’t fully understand the whole scope of the why when we’re talking about breast cancer support — yourself included. 

When it comes to education, engagement is key. So instead of just plainly stating the facts, consider displaying this information creatively. You could, for instance, decorate and set up a bulletin board in high traffic areas that your employees will see. To accompany breast cancer facts and statistics about the who, what, where, why and how, why not add to the board by encouraging your employees to write words of support for those fighting against breast cancer? 

Alongside sharing necessary education, like informing others about the signs of breast cancer, notes could also extend beyond those who are currently struggling to survivors and bereaved loved ones; the choice is theirs. After all, breast cancer impacts the lives of nearly two-thirds of people in the UK, either directly or through the people they know

Here, what matters is compassion — get your employees to understand it, and this way, they’ll want to support the cause.  


Fundraise, fundraise, fundraise

As well as providing the necessary education, try fundraising. It’s a fantastic way to really focus on support, rather than just spreading awareness, which will therefore allow you to show that you care. 

There are plenty of research initiatives dedicated to finding the cure for breast cancer. 

They’re also vital for uncovering new prevention methods and treatment alternatives, so contributions to these initiatives — no matter how large or small — are all equally as important when it comes to breast cancer support. With a multitude of research initiatives to choose from, do some research on different programmes in your area. When you find an initiative that resonates with you, offer your employees a little autonomy and let them pick their preferred style of fundraising. For example, you could give them the opportunity to fundraise in groups or individually, which will encourage them to tap into their creative side. 

Our charity partners, Breast Cancer Now, host many runs or walks across the country. You can find and participate in one near you here, or even host an event of your own, from organising bake sales to pub quizzes.

If you’re pressed for time, another idea for a bulletin board is to encourage your employees to bring in small donations of their own. You could collect them throughout the month, and encourage them to add each donation to the board. It’s a simple yet effective way to donate, and motivating, too, for your employees to see donations grow on the board throughout the month. 

At Asda, we’re also raising money for breast cancer through our exclusive Tickled Pink range. You could, for instance, also encourage your employees to include our Tickled Pink products in their weekly shop using an Asda For Business gift card or e-gift card, which can be used online or across our hundreds of stores for everything from groceries to gifts and homeware, to support breast cancer — and maybe even save a life.