Corporate Gift Cards vs Cash: What’s best for your team?

Are you looking for an employee rewards scheme? As we have seen in the 7 Ways to motivate your employees as a manager, reward-based motivation is linked to external factors and so, it’s on the employer to make sure they provide the right incentive for their staff. But when it comes to choosing—what’s the best reward for your team? Cash or gift cards? What do they value more? 

The word’s out that employees favour corporate gift cards over cash rewards. Why is that? Let’s find out. 

Why corporate gift cards are the best reward for your employees

Corporate gift cards are a way to acknowledge your teams’ efforts and incentivise them to keep the standards high. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of gift cards and the reasons why they are better than cash incentives:

  • It’s personalised: Admittedly, people see cash rewards as a relief from the financial pressure of bills, especially now with the cost of living crisis. However, offering a business gift card creates an opportunity for employees to treat themselves rather than feel like it would be better spent towards bills or living expenses and truly celebrate their work achievements.
  • It has a broad appeal: For companies that want to implement an inclusive employee reward scheme, or just say thank you, gift cards are the perfect solution as they appeal to employees of all ages, genders, and seniorities. You simply can’t go wrong!
  • It’s memorable: Monetary rewards are usually one-offs, Instead, offering a gift card is a special reminder of your appreciation and allows the recipient to chose for themselves.
  • It’s suitable for all occasions:  Business gift cards allow employees to either shop online from the comfort of their own home or browse in store. They can be used to help celebrate workplace milestones, as a reward  or simply to say happy birthday.
  • It’s flexible: Prepaid gift cards can be used all year round, and your employees can spend as much as they want or save and put towards a bigger ticket item.
How do Asda corporate gift cards work?

We offer nine different cards—three open value ones which you can load from £1 to £1,000 or pre-loaded gift cards in values of £5, £10, £20, £25, £50 and £100—to meet your and your team’s needs. This can be a tangible card you can keep in your purse to remind you to use it and it can be delivered straight to their door. Alternatively, you can get e-gift cards delivered instantly via email. But why is Asda for Business gift cards the perfect way to say “thank you”?

  • It offers a huge range of choice: Some companies notice that even though they spend resources to sustain a reward system, only some employees are making use of them. Asda and George stores cover a wide range of interests including branded gifts, gardening, homewares, cooking, decorating, fitness, and even fashion, offering the recipient a great deal of choice.
  • There’s something for everyone: the card can also be used against Asda groceries, helping salaries go further whether that is covering weekly shopping or a special treat. The recipient could use it towards hosting family gatherings, summer bbq’s, birthday parties, or anniversary celebrations.
  • It offers convenience: Redeemed in 600 Asda stores around the UK, as well as online at and, Asda for business gift cards can come in handy whenever needed.
  • It offers excellent value: Asda has managed to keep its prices low and allow people to stay on budget without sacrificing their wants. That’s why Asda for business gift cards offer more than other retailers. By beating other prices in the market, Asda makes sure the recipient’s money goes further.
  • Don’t forget – the more you buy, the more you save. For corporate gift card orders between £1,000 and £10,000 you get a 2.5% discount and 4% on anything above that! 

It’s so easy to register for an account and reward your staff with an Asda corporate gift card or e-gift card, so what are you waiting for? Plus, why not take a look at our Latest News for more insights on how to inspire and recognise your employees.