The covid generation and our working future


The coronavirus pandemic has made its mark on pretty much every area of our lives.


We remain unsure of what the long-term impact will be on our day-to-day work and how it’ll impact the employer, meaning the unknown lies before us.


As we now know, “Freedom Day” has been pushed back, but when it eventually arrives, will we all be expected to put the masks away and return to normal?


The last 18 months have changed our view on working life, and there’s a couple of areas that are worth our consideration as we look ahead to working life in the future.


Covid generation: the role of the employee


Our blog last month highlighted some of the benefits of remote working, and it’s fair to say that the covid generation are a resilient, flexible and tech-savvy bunch.


Striking a balance is important going forward, and while we’ve all had to adapt to working from home, we should never undervalue the importance of human contact – especially on our mental health. 


If you’re unsure, it might be worth speaking to your employer about how you might combine working from home with a couple of days in the office, or vice-versa.


Communication and staying safe are just some of the words used by organisations over the last year or so, and because of this, we should all be optimistic about how our working life might look in the not-so-distant future…


Covid generation: the role of the employer


It’s likely that your HR department has sent out questionnaires and spoken individually to staff members to see how they feel about day-to-day working life. 


Are the majority of people happy to remain at home? Would they like to mix it with time in the office? Are others ready to return to the office full-time?


Most companies communicate with their staff on a daily basis. They decide together how they’d like to progress in the coming weeks and months. Clear communication and compromise is the recommended approach. because although there appears to be a route back to “normal”, some members of staff might prefer a few more months of cautious action.


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