Thanking our Carers in more ways than one: Jewel Home Support

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but the pandemic really has drastically changed the world of work.

With the majority of employees working from home, adjusting and adapting to new ways of working can be exhausting and time consuming. In addition, the uncertainty surrounding the current climate is bound to impact mental health. Key workers, frontline workers and certain business areas are feeling a surge in workload leading to overworked staff. And, with more and more online meetings and less office rapport building, it’s easy for staff to feel demotivated.

We must not forget to thank our staff for all they do! Be it an extra holiday day, an early finish or a gift card. Amongst all the chaos, we must remember to show our staff how much we appreciate them!


Case Study: Jewel Home Support


Jewel Home Support are a company who supply Carers to those in need. As you can imagine, their staff have been working incredibly hard over the past few months, facing long hours which can be emotionally and physically draining. Mohamed Malek, GM at Jewel Home Support felt he really needed to show his staff just how much they were appreciated. The clap for carers really built morale and community but he wanted to offer his staff something more tangible for all their hard work.

Mohammed weighed up different gift ideas such as flowers and chocolates but felt these were too tokenistic. He wanted to give them something that made a real difference to their lives.  He looked at a range of gift card options but wanted one that would be universally beneficial.

When he came across the Asda for Business gift card, he thought this was a perfect option. He found the whole process with Asda for Business gift card simple and easy, and decided to give each staff member a gift card worth £100. Each employee could use the gift card for an array of products that they personally needed during these difficult times. In addition, Asda were the only supermarket that made it hassle free for their carers to use the Key Workers shopping hours, which resulted in a less stressful experience for Jewel Home Support Workers.

The staff were absolutely overwhelmed and overjoyed with their gift cards and so are we! I don’t think we could ever show enough appreciation to our Carers for the incredible work they do, but this is definitely a start!

Mohammed was so grateful to Asda, he wrote us a lovely poem:


Asda stepped up for carers when other supermarkets made us queue!

Let these words remind you, you guys are special through and through

Helpful and supportive, in a way that warms the heart

During these challenging times, You played your thoughtful part.

 Thank you Asda, from all at Jewel Home Support


Here at Asda for Business, we love to hear when our gift cards really make a difference and help show employees how much they are valued. It is even better to hear that our gift cards are being used to thank our hard-working Carers, who have been working around the clock ensure our most vulnerable people are looked after and safe.


Tell your staff how great they are, reward hard work and recognise that they have stuck by you during unprecedented times.


A little thank you goes a long way!