Staying positive – the Asda way

Coronavirus has made working from home the norm for the majority of us. Most of us have had to dig out an old desk from the garage, or perhaps be slightly more creative and make do with a dressing table as we set up a make-shift office within the comfort of our own homes. With the disappearance of traffic jammed commutes, train delays, early mornings and limp meal deals, working from home may initially have seemed like quite the treat. However, with most of us approaching week five of this new normal, it is fair to say we all need a little push to keep us staying positive and productive when working from home.

There are several things that employers can do to keep staff morale up in these anxious and unsettling times and stay positive the Asda way.

1. Communication

Effective communication with staff has never been more vital. As well as the scheduled Zoom meetings, make sure you are going the extra mile to check in on your team. Listening and addressing employees’ concerns will build a healthy relationship whilst working remotely. Perhaps have a ‘Cuppa o’clock’ or a Friday pub quiz. This will in doubt increase enthusiasm and positivity when working from home amongst your team.

2. Wellness

This kind of social isolation is absolutely unprecedented. Many employees will be feeling lonely, anxious and scared about the future. As an employer always keep a positive tone and discuss the importance of exercise and fresh air with your employees on a regular basis. Perhaps set company challenge to keep that sense of community e.g how many miles can each team run/walk per week.

Another way employers can encourage positivity when working from home is by setting time aside for staff to pursue a new skill that they’ve wanted to learn. There’s a mass of free online resources that will enable staff to focus on something they enjoy, be that work related or not. The Open University has a range of free courses, so does LinkedIn Learning. Research shows people feel more productive when learning new things.

3. Re-alignment of roles

During this time, some job roles may be more demanding and require extra work. As an employer, you can address this by re-aligning employees’ roles to support work that is more crucial in the current climate. If employees are re-deployed onto tasks that are a priority, they are bound to feel more productive and motivated.

 4. Coronavirus updates

Weekly Coronavirus business updates to all staff keep anxiety at bay and prevent the spread of mis-information, keeping the company running smoothly.

So, remember, have daily check ins, listen to employees concerns and worries and prioritise their wellbeing. Keeping closely connected will ensure motivation remains high and employees feel positive and productive when working from home.