Making the fake commute part of your working day

Remember that commute to work? Being packed inside a small carriage on a train like sardines, or sitting in a car or bus, zoned out, and listening to a podcast. Perhaps you were fortunate enough to live near enough to work to make the short walk, or it may have been a little further where you could cycle/run in. Welcome along to the fake commute designed for the home worker to head out and get some exercise before the start or at the end of each day.

The experts say that the fake commute can help you slip in and out of ‘work mode’ more easily. So what’s the best way to do it and how can you make it more interesting than doing a couple of laps of your park or estate?


Make-your-own fake commute

Before we start it’s important to note that all suggestions are great for improving wellbeing and preventing working from home fatigue. 

The first thing is to think of your fake commute idea the night before, otherwise it’s unlikely that you’ll complete your journey the following day. Sharing it on social media is a good way to keep people updated, and a task for you to post each day should you complete it.

Another suggestion is to devise a walk or bike ride, or plot a route that is the same distance in mileage from your home to the office door. Some people have even been known to travel to the office, turn around and travel back home just to get their mind into thinking about the work tasks they have.

There’s also the option of adding little targets to your commute time. For example, can you walk a little quicker or faster than yesterday? Could you telephone and check-in with a work colleague on the way to tell them what you’re doing, and encourage them to try something similar?


Fake commute and mental health

Whether you take part in the fake commute or not, getting outside should be a priority for all of us each day. It’s a vital part of our mental health diet. In fact, you’ll probably perform better when sitting at your desk, if you’ve gone out and got some fresh air before.

If you are worried about your mental health or that of a colleague, there’s plenty of help online, including Mind – the mental health charity.

If you can’t take part in the fake commute though, try talking to colleagues, your HR department or family/friends. There’s nothing worse than carrying a concern by yourself.


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