How to support your employees during National Wellness Month

As August arrives, so does National Wellness Month—a time to prioritise the well-being of your employees like never before. As a talent acquisition professional, you understand the importance of a healthy and motivated team. This National Wellness Month, let’s explore some impactful ways you can support your employees’ wellbeing

Why National Wellness Month matters:

National Wellness Month, celebrated in August, encourages individuals and organisations to focus on self-care, stress reduction, and the cultivation of healthy routines. It’s an opportunity for you, as a business leader, to show your dedication to your employees’ holistic well-being.

How to promote wellness in the workplace:

Employee wellness workshops: Organise wellness workshops that cover topics such as mindfulness, stress management, and healthy lifestyle habits. These initiatives can equip your team with valuable tools for improving their overall well-being.

Virtual fitness challenges: Engage your team in virtual fitness challenges that promote physical activity and camaraderie. Challenges like step counts, yoga sessions, or home workouts can create a sense of unity while prioritising wellness.

Nutrition and Mental Health Talks: Arrange informative talks about nutrition and mental health. Invite experts to address these topics and provide actionable insights for maintaining a healthy mind and body.


Gift Hampers that speak wellness:

Create a hamper: Another simple idea is to buy in bulk gift bags and curate wellness-focused gift hampers for your employees. These hampers can include items like nutritious snacks, wellness books, stress-relief tools, and more.

Bespoke gift boxes: Elevate your gifting game with bulk buy gift boxes filled with wellness goodies. From soothing teas to fitness accessories, these boxes are a simple way to promote the wellness cause.

Corporate gift cards: Have you considered the flexibility of corporate gift cards which allows your employees to curate their own wellness experience? With an Asda for Business gift card the recipient can choose from a huge range of wellness products, aligning with their individual preferences.


Make employee engagement count:

Employee reward schemes: How about leveraging National Wellness Month to launch or enhance a employee reward scheme? You could acknowledge achievements related to wellness goals and encourage healthy competition within your team.

Showcasing appreciation: Another way to express gratitude during National Wellness Month is by distributing branded gifts that resonate with your employees’ wellbeing journeys. These gestures not only reinforce their value to your organisation but help boost recipients self esteem.

This National Wellness Month, take the opportunity to stand alongside your employees in their pursuit of holistic wellness. Your commitment to their wellbeing echoes your dedication to a motivated, engaged, and thriving team. As you strategise for National Wellness Month, let Asda For Business gift cards be your partner in fostering a culture of care and wellbeing.

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