Helping charities this Christmas

Traditionally, Christmas is a time for being generous and giving, and we should all try to do just that, not just to loved ones, but to those that are less fortunate than ourselves by helping charities this Christmas.

There’s already many of us that donate to a chosen charity, or volunteer during the festive season, but as we head towards 2022, demand for support from charities is greater than ever – and, there’s more from a business point of view that can be done.

If your business is looking to donate money and/or time to a charity this festive season, but is still considering the best way in which to do so, at Asda for Business, we’ve come up with five suggestions to help you along the way.


Donate some of your Secret Santa money to charity

Popular for decades, Secret Santa is an old office favourite. What if this year though, instead of spending that £5 or £10 on a gift for a colleague, you donate to a charity instead? Due to the coronavirus pandemic, you might not be able to remember your last Secret Santa gift, but if you were to substitute that this year for a warm meal, donation, or piece of clothing, then you could really make a difference to someone’s life. Multiply that by ten, and the impact could be huge.


Presents for the homeless

Organise a collective donation pot and from it, buy presents for homeless people this Christmas. You can give them to people who need them directly, or call your nearest homeless shelter and arrange for an appropriate time to leave presents there. Christmas is a time for everyone, even those that might not have a roof over their head.


Match customer donations

On certain days of the month leading up to the big day, match any donation made by customers. One day a week, or, a few hours on one particular day fortnightly, would be helpful and a great place to start.


Encourage employees to volunteer

12 months ago volunteering was almost non-existent because of the coronavirus restrictions. Around the country this year, businesses of all sizes will be encouraging staff to volunteer with charity work, and do what they can, as we head towards Christmas. Can you serve food to the homeless or help out with a delivery at the local charity shop? There’s a whole host of things your staff can be doing to make an impact.


Hold virtual fundraising events

Agree on one or more charities you’d like to support and arrange a night or bit of time before the office Christmas party to raise some money. Even do it virtually if necessary. If we all said “no” to that extra Christmas drink, and put the money towards a worthwhile cause, someone else would really benefit.


So there we have it! There’s plenty we can all be doing as we approach Christmas, and the good news is, that it doesn’t have to disrupt our day-to-day life too much. Enjoy the build-up to the festive season whatever you decide to do.