Employee gifts that just land perfectly

When you get employees a gift that just… lands perfectly, it’s a great feeling. They smile, they realise that you know them well, and you know that the receipt can go safely in the bin.

But when everyone has most of the things they want, it gets harder to not keep those receipts ‘just in case’.

Fortunately, we’re here to remind you why Asda for Business gift cards are brilliant gifts for employee gifts, customer loyalty, employee motivation–or anything else your imaginations can cook up.

There’s a stigma that says gift cards are a lazy choice. That they’re impersonal. But we’d like to make a counterpoint. And we’ve thought about this a lot….

The best gift is a cheeky treat. Something that’s been loitering around someone’s mind for ages, but it’s not quite justifiable yet. Maybe it’s because it’s small and gets overtaken by more important things. Or maybe it’s a bit bigger, and they’re not the types to treat themselves without occasion.
So give them an occasion. Give them that excuse. Make the unjustifiable things they want… justifiable. Some of your very best co-workers will be some of the least selfish people you could meet. How about you give those lovely people a little licence to be selfish for a moment?

More employee gifts ideas than we could possibly count

Sure, some people will already have an idea of the things they want. But so many busy, brilliant people never even stop to think about what might make their day better. They’re too busy doing it for everyone else!

That’s ok: since Asda has hundreds of stores, including technology, fashion, homewares and food, we’ve got a bunch of great ideas. Feel free to pass them off as your own, it’s our gift to you.

You could even put together a little card with your suggestions for their perfect evening, all fitting within the budget. But then, if it turns out that they’d prefer a bottle of single malt rather than a silk robe, they’ll still be getting what they want!

Unimaginative? Absolutely not.

You’re an imaginative bunch. In fact, most of these excellent ideas came from Asda for Business gift card customers’ feedback, so it only seems fair to be sharing these ideas back to you.

You’re getting them…

Some relaxing Me-time. For some of us, nothing beats candles, a nice bottle of wine and a few little beauty treatments. Best thing? Now you don’t have to guess what their favourite scent or Shiraz is.

Playtime with the family. You don’t need a birthday to have a party. If you need an excuse for cake, facepaint and maybe a trampoline too, why not give them the perfect one?

That new outfit feeling. It’s a pretty rare thing that you need that new must-have. But it looks good on you. And you’ve got your gift card.

A mini home makeover. Courtesy of Asda Living, you can transform a part of your home without so much as cracking open a tin of paint.

A picnic in the park. When you’re not blessed with year-round sunshine, you need to make the most of it when it arrives! Instead of filling your kitchen with canapes and crossing your fingers, you can take your ‘picnic token’ to any Asda and have a guilt-free day in sun.

That ‘can’t-quite-justify-it treat’. You’ll never know what it is, but you know that almost everyone’s got one. And your gift to them is the excuse to go and get it.

With over 600 stores, including Asda Living and online at George.com, this is barely the tip of the big old iceberg. But with a little imagination, Asda for Business gift cards can be all things to all people. Or, at least, most!

And as well as giving your clients and co-workers a boost, they give your business a boost too. If you spend between £1,000 and £10,000 on Asda for Business gift cards, you’ll get 2.5% discount. Above this it rises to 4%, so you can treat even more of your people.

Employee gifts can be tricky –and being a mind reader is even trickier. Give Asda for Business gift cards a try, and your people can get something they actually want. Who’d have thunk it?