How e-Gift cards for organisations prove their worth in times of real need

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started earlier in the year, government, banks, local authorities and businesses have reacted to the situation and have tried to make daily lives easier for everyone, especially those affected severely by the lockdown rules and loss of earnings. 

The digital framework across the board has changed with companies speeding up technical updates to their infrastructure; ensuring help is offered quickly to those in need and giving ease of access to those resources newly made available. 

The Covid-19 crisis has changed how people live their daily lives with so many people being housebound since March. When those people who can go out, make their essential journeys, they want to feel safe in the knowledge their trips are safe, sanitary and speedy. 

Google and Apple Wallet

RECENTLY LAUNCHED! With e-gift cards for organisations being so popular over the last few months as they could be accessed immediately and bought quickly online – ASDA want to ensure redemption of these is just as easy. With the ability to now add the e-gift card to Apple and Google Wallet, it allows those redeeming in store, the ability to do so with the payment details easily accessible. With quick, contactless payments being so important to our customers in order for them to feel at ease, we’re delighted with this addition to our payment options. 

Volunteer Shopping Cards

With a high amount of the population relying on others to complete their weekly shops for them, there undoubtedly was worry about money exchanging hands and being spent effectively. ASDA launched their Volunteer Shopping Card at the end of March to support those who were vulnerable. Being an ASDA card, they were also safe in the knowledge of the high quality and good value of their shopping basket they entrusted friends and family to fill. And with the ability to purchase online and be sent deliveries to their door, those that were vulnerable were able to rest easy within the safety of their own homes.

Free School Meals Provision and e-gift Cards for organisations

With the schools closing whilst the pandemic was at its peak, it meant many families were faced with increasing food bills at a time when money was scarce. For the families that receive free school meals, this would have caused increased levels of anxiety and stress. With ASDA’s e-gift cards being delivered straight to email inboxes, and with the ability to redeem online, schools could purchase the preloaded e-gift cards and supply to those families who were eligible – safely and securely. 

Covid-19 and beyond

ASDA endeavour to provide the best service for our customers and this will continue as we start to explore the new normal. We’re already trialling different ways to queue when visiting our stores so we can ensure people can remain dry and warm in their cars on those bad weather days, and we’ll continue to adapt to the government measures put in place.