Christmas business gifts? You’ve got this

Christmas business gifts can be a real worry for company owners and HR managers. What’s appropriate? Who decides what’s appropriate? How much do we spend? How do we really please everybody?

And that’s just for starters.

It’s a real headache. And with the best will in the world, getting Christmas business gifts just right for every single individual in your organisation must be a feat nothing short of magic. Even harder if we’re talking Christmas business gifts for clients!

Christmas is a real opportunity to say, ‘Thanks’ to both your employees and your clients. But on the flip side of that, you could, potentially get it wrong.

But what if you could give people what they wanted. Or at least as close to it as possible–within your budget, of course?

And that’s where gift cards come in.

Gone are the days when corporate or business gift cards were seen as a last-minute thought, or an impersonal present. Nowadays, it’s all about putting the recipient first, as opposed to being seen to be making a gesture. And it’s all about giving the recipient freedom to make their own choice. And what a choice …

The Asda Gift Card and wealth of options

Christmas hampers

With an Asda for Business Gift Card, your employees or customers can take their pick from all the great value groceries and festive drinks they want. It’s a brilliant way to make their Christmas that little bit more affordable – or even to leave a little extra Christmas budget to get an extra treat from elsewhere.

New Christmas outfit

Because the recipient can spend the amount on their Asda for Business Gift Card at any George outlet and online at, you could be getting them a new Christmas outfit. And because they choose it, it’s an outfit which suits them perfectly.

A Mini Makeover

With the full range of cosmetics available at Asda, you could be effectively giving away some quick makeovers for staff or clients. And because make-up is a very personal thing, with the Asda for Business Gift Card, you’ll have got it spot on!

The home of making it more personal

People love gathering at home with friends and family over Christmas. So don’t forget George for the latest trends in home furnishings. From stylish frames to comfy chairs, from coffee machines to kettles, we all make our home what it is. And with an Asda for Business Gift Card, your happy recipient can make their gift their own.

Extra Christmas cheer

Who knows, your gift of an Asda for Business Gift Card, may not only turn out to be a bit of a Christmas budget saver for the recipient maybe turn out to be the perfect present for someone else. Because your recipient could get whatever they want from Asda or with their card, they may well surprise one of their friends or family.

Proof then, that the Asda for Business Gift Card is the gift that keeps on giving, and we hope our list of 5 ideas–a tiny drop in the vast ocean of ideas–will help you, your staff and your customers, have a brilliant Christmas.