Beating the Summer Slump: 5 ways to keep the team motivated

There is no denying that as we head into summer with heat waves on the horizon, our motivation and productivity can take a bit of a hit. Sitting outside and soaking up the sun can inevitably feel more appealing than being in the office.

Bringing yourself out of this ‘summer slump’ can be hard, which is why, following World Productivity Day on 20th June, we turned our attention to what employers and employees can do to keep motivated this summer. 


1. Plan and communicate


Often for a lot of organisations, summer is a much quieter time than the rest of the year, and a common ‘symptom’ of the summer slump is feeling more distracted due to this lull in activity. 

Taking time to plan and set goals for the summer months can help keep productivity high by giving yourself or your staff a clear objective to work towards. Try splitting projects into smaller tasks with regular deadlines to make them more manageable and keep yourself going. It also helps to maintain honest and open communication with your colleagues, reviewing progress and giving feedback to keep one another on track. 


2. Flexible working 


With school holidays coming up, summer can be an incredibly busy time, especially for parents who will have to juggle work and the kids. As an employer, try to be understanding of these commitments, and, where possible, accommodate any flexible working requests. For example, your employees might need to work from home a bit more than usual, or work flexi-time to spend the afternoons with their families. 

Of course, it might not be possible to meet every request, but giving your employees a bit more flexibility can really help reduce their stress surrounding childcare and enable them to work more productively.


3. Keep it cool in the office


There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable, stuffy space, and studies have shown that working in these conditions can negatively affect performance. So as the weather starts looking up and days get hotter, it is important to keep your working environment cool. Whether you use the office air con, move to a shadier room during the hottest parts of the day, or invest in a desk fan for your home working space, making sure you are working at a comfortable temperature can really help. 


4. Encourage employee downtime


Maintaining a healthy work life balance is important throughout the year, and reminding your employees of this during the summer months can also help combat the summer slump. With earlier sunrises and later sunsets, try to make the most of your time either side of work, perhaps with an early morning walk or evening picnic in the park. 

It is also important to take a holiday and step away from work. Take some time to see your family and friends, jet off abroad, or even just have some time on your own to recharge. Try to prepare a proper handover for your colleagues before going on leave too, so that you know everything is taken care of and you can fully switch off. 


5. Rewards and perks at work


Finally, summer is a great time to reward your employees with work socials. Whether you all finish early on a Friday to go for work drinks, or you order pizzas to the office one lunchtime, taking some downtime as a team can really boost morale and keep motivation high. 

Rewards on an individual level can also be a brilliant way for employers to acknowledge that the summer months can sometimes be tough. Let your employees know you care with an Asda for Business gift card or e-gift cardWhether they buy supplies for the family BBQ or treat the kids to new cozzies for the beach, our gift cards can be the perfect way to give your employees a little summer slump boost.


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