Asda For Business and Covid-19

Like our colleagues running our stores, here at Asda For Business, we’re at full capacity, but working safely and securely, according to Government advice to meet our customers’ requirements. And that includes making sure our clients and their customers get the gift cards and e-gift cards they need, with everyone’s safety and wellbeing as our priority.

As such, we are working hard to help customers support clients and beneficiaries, as well as rewarding staff, throughout this period.

e-gift card availability

During the outbreak, more people are looking for quick, cashless ways to buy their groceries both on the trips they have to make in-store and for their online shops. Our e-gift card can be bought online—and now it can be used for online shops at both and If you’re within an organisation wishing to purchase e-gift cards for your employees or people under your care, you still need to register in the normal way. Once purchased, our e-gift cards are then delivered quickly and easily, via email to your customers. You can find out more, here.

Free school meals provision

If you are managing your school’s meals, you should have been contacted about the National Voucher Scheme for the provision of free school meals by your chosen provider. You can find the full Government guidance, here. And you can find out more about using Asda gift cards and e-gift cards for funding free school meal schemes, here.

Volunteer Shopping Card

You can now also purchase and use our volunteer shopping cards to support your vulnerable clients or members with their food shops in a contactless, cashless and secure way. For example charity organisations who are helping customers who are in isolation.

Asda For Business has now made the Volunteer Shopping Card available through our website. You can find out more here and to buy your Volunteer Shopping Cards in bulk you’ll need to register on our site, here, first.

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